Restaurants in Chester

Restaurants in Chester

About Chester


Town Hall - Chester - UK

Chester Towm hall

Chester is a vibrant city on the River Dee, similar to York it has a foot in the Roman past as well as having a modern c

ity feel, with exclusive shops and boutiques alongside all the major retail outlets. This makes it an extremely popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The city is unusual with it’s ‘Rows’, which are covered walkways where people can shelter from the rain but are also full of shops and restaurants.

Attractions are numerous with the beautiful Cathedral sat right in the centre of Chester, a Roman Ampitheatre close by and Chester Zoo on the outskirts being just a few.

Chester Racecourse grows ever more popular on race days, this increases the already busy nightlife.

Be it theatre or film going, dropping in to bars, clubs every need is well catered for.

Restaurants in Chester

Every kind of restaurant can be found in and around Chester for everybody’s pocket the choice is endless. New and exciting venues are opening all the time alongside old favorites.

Because of the sheer number and choice we have had to split the Restaurants in Chester into three separate pages to make it easier for you to make a selection.

Restaurants in Chester A-C

Restaurants in Chester D-M

Restaurants in Chester N-Z

Using this website

Cathedral - Chester - UK

Chester Cathedral

When designing this site our first criteria was to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for. That might sound simple and in reality it should be, but have you been on sites where navigating to where you want becomes a nightmare because of the am

ount of information available? using drop down boxes which cover so many choices it becomes totally confusing to use?

We have tried to simplify the process of finding a restaurant in Chester by building a site dedicated to restaurants in Chester and nowhere else. If you are looking for a Restaurant in Hale then we have a site for that too. In fact for all your searches for restaurants across the region we have a site which purely focuses on that particular town or city. So if you are looking for a restaurant in Liverpool or on The Wirral we have put a site together which lists all the eateries in that particular area.

That doesn’t mean to say we don’t have drop down boxes, we do…but this is for choosing the style of place you are looking for. Where it gets clever is that all these sites are linked under the banner of ‘Where 2 Eat tonight’. So if you are not sure where you want to eat out you can search all the different regions and you can navigate backwards and forwards between local areas and centrally most of the time without even knowing you are doing so. Sounds complicated? The opposite is true as all the navigation is seamless and all the sites are in the same style nothing changes, only your choices are made that much easier to find.

Have a go, pick a region…say Restaurants in Hale or how about you want to eat at the Malmaison in Liverpool go to Restaurants in Liverpool and type Malmaison into the search box and the site will direct you to their restaurant. What if you want to eat Thai in Hale? Go to restaurants in Hale and look down the right hand side menu bar again and find the Style of Restaurant category and this will come up with the choices for Thai restaurants. All the information available to make you choice will be made available to you. So, address, telephone number, map, opening times, on-line booking and lots more will be made available by those restaurants who choose to do so.

We hope you enjoy using our site and should you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to leave us your thoughts.

Shamelessly promoting our Restaurant guide sites which include Where 2 Eat Tonight? which is for the overseas market eventually with the UK Restaurants covered by Where 2 Eat Tonight? (same name just one is a dot com whilst the other is a domain name) and then the individual areas are covered. So we have two sites in Chester covering the Restaurants in Chester with both Restaurants in Chester and Chester Restaurants websites. Also Restaurants in Liverpool and Liverpool-Restaurants as well as Malmaison Liverpool.

We also cover the Wirral with two sites Restaurants Wirral and Wirral-Restaurants as well as Hale Restaurants with Restaurants in Hale. The remaining areas within Cheshire are covered also with Cheshire Restaurants and Restaurants in Cheshire. So you might say if you are looking for a meal out anywhere in Cheshire or Liverpool we’ve got it covered!

To take the kitchen theme even further we have a site looking at Kitchens Manchester which is dedicated to Fitted kitchen companies in the Manchester region called Fitted-Kitchens-Manchester

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